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Day In The Life Of Rocky

Apr 02

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We have been having a slight issue with Rocky slipping on the ramp outside. Dad came to the rescue! He went and bought some sand paint and painted the ramp yesterday. Well, Rocky navigates the ramp with so much confidence. It is awesome!!!

Rocky mastered being house trained. The lightbulb came on and we have not had a accident in over 4 days. He even asks to go out! Hooray!!!! What a smart boy!

Rocky has invented a game. We call it reverse fetch. He plays with the soft dog toy ball and then he throws it. For US to pick it up and bring back to him. Then he will chew on it for a little bit, then throw it for one of us again. He usually picks Dad and then he will pick Mom… It is hysterical.

He is also growing by leaps and bounds everyday…. Here is a couple of pictures….


Rocky's Sand Painted Ramp......




He is getting so BIG!


I am sooo HAPPY!!!!





Rocky Playing with his sister Gretchen

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3 comments so far

  1. zeuspod
    1:06 am - 4-3-2012

    I am so in love with Rocky! Everyone concurred that he was so lucky to be rescued by you but judging by all these happy posts it seems like you guys might be the lucky ones! : )

  2. etgayle
    1:10 am - 4-3-2012

    what a happy boy!!! we covered our ramp with astro turf (from ebay), with the nap going up the slope for good footing. didn’t think of the sand paint, but that’s great too. such a great family!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  3. jerry
    1:54 am - 4-11-2012

    Sand paint! Now THAT Is a new one and a good one!

    Rocky you are so lucky to have such great peeps. And we’re lucky you found us. It’s so much fun watching you live the wonderful life you deserve.

    Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.

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