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Day In The Life Of Rocky

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Apr 12

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Rocky has really settled in here at our house. He has started playing with the other dogs. Koda and him are buddies. We have found that Rocky likes to play with a stream of water. So, of course mom went and bought a sprinkler…. Video will come soon from that play session…..

We are still amazed at how fast Rocky has acclimated to his missing leg. He now jumps up on the couch, runs like a mad puppy….. All which is awe inspiring for us to watch. Knowing what he came from.

Last night, we all went outside. Rocky was in a playful mood…. He was hysterical to watch running and playing. If you want to smile and laugh, then watch his video…

Here is Rocky posing for his picture

Rocky Playing (Video) Click the thumbnail…

Rocky Playing With His Sister Gretchen…..

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Apr 02

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

We have been having a slight issue with Rocky slipping on the ramp outside. Dad came to the rescue! He went and bought some sand paint and painted the ramp yesterday. Well, Rocky navigates the ramp with so much confidence. It is awesome!!!

Rocky mastered being house trained. The lightbulb came on and we have not had a accident in over 4 days. He even asks to go out! Hooray!!!! What a smart boy!

Rocky has invented a game. We call it reverse fetch. He plays with the soft dog toy ball and then he throws it. For US to pick it up and bring back to him. Then he will chew on it for a little bit, then throw it for one of us again. He usually picks Dad and then he will pick Mom… It is hysterical.

He is also growing by leaps and bounds everyday…. Here is a couple of pictures….


Rocky's Sand Painted Ramp......




He is getting so BIG!


I am sooo HAPPY!!!!





Rocky Playing with his sister Gretchen

Mar 27

We went for a walk tonight to help Rocky build up is stamina little by little… We have a lot sand in the driveway… What Rocky did was hysterical.

Also, we hit a milestone tonight! Rocky was playing with Dad in the chair and when dad looked down, there was a tiny puppy fang in his shirt! Our baby lost his first tooth! We are so proud of him… Wonder what the tooth fairy will bring him?

Here is the video of Rocky playing in the sand… We don’t know what or why he was doing it, but it was funny…. Enjoy! Click on the thumbnail to watch the video.

Mar 26

We had Rocky outside this weekend and he seems to be fitting right in with his fur siblings. Before, we had some minor issues of Rocky becoming food aggressive but that has worked itself out.

He had fun lounging with his fur Brother Loki. His siblings have stopped growling when he came up to say hi. Loki will now lick him when he comes near…..

We had a small issue with his fur sister Gretchen. She was bit by a copperhead. (Snakes are bad this year) Giving her the Benadryl and aspirin for pain…. She is getting better everyday. She is a snake killing machine…..

Gretchen swelled up from snake bite

Caught in a yawn

Mar 25

Rocky spent this Saturday being a lazy puppy…… He has decided that loves to sit in the swing with Dad and Grandma.

Last night, we used dad’s beard trimmer and trimmed the fur back on his feet. Rocky took it all in stride and let Dad trim his feet. He just laid there and watched dad trim the fur….. He doesn’t slip as much as he was.

Mar 23

Rocky is feeling a little better. He decided he was going to play with one of his chew bones….. I know I may be biased but he is just too cute! I can’t resist this cute face!

Just Way Too Cute!Hey Mom!


Mar 23


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Rocky has been doing well….. He is getting along really well since his amp surgery. Today, he slipped and fell on my kitchen floor when he was playing. He is a little sore.

We are doing really well with his housebreaking. He still has some accidents but he is getting it down. Rocky is extremely smart. I have been teaching him basic commands. He is so willing to please, that I don’t need to use treats to reward him. He responds to plain of praise.

Rocky has a great personality! He just loves his Dad. When dad is home, Rocky wants to be next to him all of the time. He has to sit in his lap and wants to play. If dad is petting and showing attention to the other dogs, Rocky will try to get in the middle of it.

He also got one of the salmon oil capsules that we give his fur brothers and sisters. It has given him the trots. I have given him canned pumpkin and am boiling some rice and chicken as I type…..

Dads Little Buddy!